Deep relaxation – £45

Sometimes life can get a little overwhelming. You might be dealing with particular challenges or struggles, or it may simply be that you’ve no time to care for yourself in the way you’d like.

This hour long session is the perfect antidote- designed to help you relax, release stress, and unwind.

I’ll guide you through a sequence of gentle yoga stretches, soothing breathwork, and deeply relaxing guided meditation. You’ll leave feeling rested and rejuvenated. I’ll also show you simple techniques that you can use every day to promote balance and ease. Each session includes a recorded guided meditation for your personal use.

Sessions are offered in person or via Skype.

Available for up to two people.

Contact me now for more information or to book a session


Mindful living – £65

In these immersive sessions we’ll work together to design a personalised mindfulness practice that fits perfectly with your values and lifestyle.

The sessions will include meditation, breathwork and gentle yoga. We’ll also explore practices such as mindful walking, gratitude and compassion, and forest bathing (spending time in nature).

They’ll be light and fun but incredibly rewarding, and you’ll immediately feel the benefits of living each day with awareness and intention.

With a daily mindfulness practice you’ll manage those feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, find deeper meaning in day to day living and connect to a sense of wellbeing and joy that you can really trust.

Most importantly, you’ll find a renewed understanding of your own self and how you relate to the world around you.

We’ll use the sessions to-

  • Find space and quiet moments in your busy schedule
  • Introduce mindful practices into your daily life
  • Deepen your contemplative and spiritual practice

Sessions are offered in person or via Skype.

We’ll work together for as long as you require. You’ll leave each session with a personal guided meditation that attends to your specific needs.  You’ll also have unlimited email contact with me between sessions. You can ask questions or discuss progress, and I’ll check in with you now and then to offer support.

If you’d like to have a chat and learn more, contact me now and we’ll book a free 15 minute consultation session. This will take place via the phone or Skype, and it gives you a chance to meet me and to see how we can work together in a way that works best for you.