The mindful breath

Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God?
He is the breath inside the breath”

Breath is the essence of life.
When we breathe, we live.
When we breathe mindfully, we are alive.

What is mindful breathing?
It’s a deliberate awareness of the breath.
It is feeling the sensation of breath moving in and out of the body. We watch the rise and fall of the belly or the chest; we feel the air moving through the nostrils.

The breath is a wonderfully sensual experience. If we take just a little time to relax and focus, the subtle sensation of the body breathing can become an exquisite thing.

When we breathe in, our body fills with energy and life. We take in the space around us and it becomes part of our body.
As we breathe out we release tension. There is relaxing and collapsing around the out breath.
We can let go. We let go of tension, and we let go of our worries and troubles.

How often we bump and bundle through our day, unaware of the perfect machinery that keeps us living. When we’re aware of our breath we’re experiencing life happening right now, in all its wonder and simplicity.
To breathe like this is to be awake.

And to be awake is to be alive.

Breath is the essence of life.

I’ve created a free guided meditation- the Mindful Breath.
Find a cozy space. Light a few candles. Plump some cushions.
Try it a few times over the next week, so that you can fully relax into the meditation.

It’s pure pleasure.