Infinite experiences

There are infinite experiences available within a moment.

Generally, our habit is to work with a narrow field of attention. This applies to our sensory experiences, but also to our thought processes and spiritual connection.

Visually, we tend to only see what is directly ahead of us. Mentally, we often focus right in on our problems or obsessive thoughts. Spiritually, we become disconnected from the bliss of presence and connection.

We have unconsciously trained ourselves to notice only what we feel is necessary. We do it so much that it becomes our reality. Only when we stop and open our senses and perception to the moment do we discover what we are missing!

I’m seeing this so much now in my daily life. Within each moment there is infinite possibility; I am simply choosing what I want to experience.

When I eat I can decide to be disconnected from the activity- losing myself in thoughts and daydreams as I shovel the food in. My meal becomes merely functional.

But there’s so much more to be had! If I stop and pay attention to the taste of the food, my experience becomes richer and more pleasant.

And that’s not all. I can also notice the colours and textures on my plate- my experience deepens.

And yet there is more. I can observe how my body becomes satiated and energised by the food- and feel gratitude. I can have an awareness of the hard work of others that brought my food to the table- and feel connection and love.

It’s all there, within my forkful of food. Layer upon layer of deep and delicious experience.

What will I choose to see in that moment? How much am I willing to experience?

It takes practice of course, and a continual reminder to expand my focus and open up my senses.

If this is something that interests you too I’ve recorded a guided meditation that will help. It’s all about finely tuning the attention so that we can begin to notice the layers of experience- within the body and around us. It focuses on the flow and movement of the breath through the body, changes in energy, and the rise and fall of sounds and of thoughts.

It’s also utterly relaxing!


You can find it here on Soundcloud.