I believe that an engaging and soulful life is possible for every one of us. It’s just that sometimes we lose sight of it amidst the chaos and exhaustion of our daily experiences.

That was my story. Somehow when I wasn’t paying attention life got difficult. I craved freedom and inspiration; I wanted to live with confidence and ease. But that wasn’t happening. I didn’t know how to change things then. Like many I had to hit rock bottom before I reached out for help. At the time I was 29, newly divorced and a single parent of two young children. I was working long hours at a job I didn’t enjoy just to make ends meet. My low self esteem was crippling and I was afraid of the sadness I felt in my heart.

Searching for answers I ended up at a local meditation class. And that first mindful breath, in the stillness of a candlelit room was like coming home. I finally knew after years of struggle that I would be okay. In those early years my meditation practice was steeped in Zen tradition, all black robes and sitting for hours in complete stillness. My life was a curious mix of strong, devoted Buddhist practice and full-on crazy single parenting. I would move between week long silent retreats to a daily life where there was barely a moment to myself. It meant rising every morning before dawn to meditate, and some days the only moment of stillness I could find was behind a locked bathroom door! 

But it was worth it. In the silence and the stillness I remembered who I was. Over time I learnt how to be kind to myself and how to open my heart to others. I came to understand how my thoughts and emotions worked; I gradually let go of my fears and found acceptance and joy in the life that I had. I began living with happiness and ease. 

I’ve been meditating for more than fifteen years now and I’ve learnt things that transformed my life. Although I’ve moved away from my strict Zen training my practice remains thriving and strong, spiritual and devoted but also real. 

Now I am able to help others transform their lives too. For the past six years I’ve been hosting retreats and coaching individuals in mindful living. My techniques are founded on the principle that each of us knows exactly what we need to live well. We simply need space to be present, stillness to hear our voice, and trust in what we hear. This is the first step towards a life lived in alignment with who we truly are.

If you’re craving change- or simply some space to breathe, and you need a little guidance and support, connect with me here.  We can discuss how to work together in a way that best suits you.


I was a student of Zen meditation for fifteen years, receiving training in mindfulness and meditation for ten years at Zendo Buddhist Centre.
Immediately following my training, I spent two years as a coach and facilitator in mindful leadership for businesses. My clients included multi-national companies, and entrepreneurs from the UK, United States, Australia and Africa.

My focus was eventually drawn to mindful living and wellness. For the past six years I have been hosting retreats, and coaching individuals in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques.