Mindful living and meditation

Hi, I’m Camille. I’m a mindful living and meditation coach and I’m here to help you clear some space for yourself.

You want to feel vibrancy and joy in your everyday experiences. You crave simplicity and ease. But all too often you find yourself exhausted and overwhelmed by anxieties and fears, never mind that endless to do list that threatens to suck every last drop of pleasure from life.

You need a break, a respite from your busy life. You need to find inspiration, and some peace of mind. I’m here to help. You bring the desire for change and I’ll bring the tools and support you need to make that change happen, and to make it last. I’ll help you to-

  • Slow down, clear space, find stillness and relaxation
  • Commit to making your wellbeing a priority
  • Create healthy, nurturing habits that you’ll use easily every day
  • Live each day with presence and intention

When you practice presence the world comes alive. You begin to move with joy and ease. You reignite passions, align with your soul and remember what is possible. This is the gift you give to yourself and to the world. This is how to live well.

What next?

Find out about my mindful living course. We’ll work together to create a personalised mindfulness practice that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and values.

Try my free guided meditations to relax and unwind.

Or simply say hello! If you have any questions or feedback, connect with me here.